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Contact Information

Mountain Water Services
90 Mud St. E
Stoney Creek, ON L8J 2V6

Phone: 905-664-7100 and 905-692-7474
Fax: 905-930-7821

Mountain Water Services Meets All of Your Bulk Water Needs in Hamilton

Since 2005, Mountain Water Services has been bringing a personalized touch to bulk water delivery services. Our team proudly serves residential, commercial, construction and industrial clients in the Hamilton and surrounding areas, providing potable water in our health department-approved tankers.

Whether you need to fill your family’s pool or control dust on a worksite, Mountain Water Services has a bulk water solution for you. Please contact us to arrange for delivery.

Personalized Attention; Better Water Service

A small business, we are able to maintain a level of service that larger businesses seek to replicate. You’ll soon get to know our dedicated team, and we are confident that our being able to get to know you personally makes Mountain Water Services even more effective at meeting your bulk water needs.

Service Area

Hamilton and surrounding areas